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Quantity Available: 10

THIS Bracelet fully illustrates how our units magnetic therapy is better constructed for the best possible therapy result. Each Balata Bead triple power regardless of size or color. Effect can be immediate or a day or two. One lady said she wore it for two weeks and said it was not doing her any good and removed it, BUT within two hours had to put it back on for she did not fully realize how much it was easing her discomfort.
Our prices are low but quality is high.
All Zadic’s Magnetic wearable’s are strung on 30-50 pound monofilament; therefore can be worn 24/7 and at night for when the body is asleep it repairs itself. Also can be worn in shower or swimming pool. Because when you remove it THERAPY STOPS. Apply a tad of Vaseline jelly to the ends of the claps for longer life. The magnetic power is for life (5-10 years). It is suggested strongly that each wearer should have a back up. You never know. Give it away. Stolen, lost. You never know. Go to literature on this site for How Magnetic Therapy Help These Conditions: Arthritis, Headache, Carpal Tunnel, Diabetes, Hypertension, Alzheimer’s,
Hip & Back Pain, Knee and Leg Pain, Shoulder and Leg pain. Also specific papers on each of these maladies are on this website for your information is free. All our therapy products are High Quality, Low Price.

Additional Details: Can be worn in shower, swimming pool. Apply a little vaseline to clasps every once in a while will extend life and beauty.