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SUPERMAX Bracelet, full 3/4 “wide, Epoxy Coated for durability #0077 – $75

SUPERMAX Bracelet, full 3/4 “wide,  Epoxy Coated for durability #0077

Magnetic Therapy: The stronger the magnetic power the faster and longer the therapy. The Supermax bracelet may be worn in shower. To clean, brush lightly the crevices between bars, turn over on wrist and dry well. All iron products are subject to rust if exposed to perspiration which contains salt. Epoxy is a hard, durable cover designed for long life. Refrain from allowing the bars to violently clash against other bars, this can cause a rupture in the epoxy allowing foreign objects to invade. If this occurs, use a spare bar replacement. All magnetic products attract negative ions. These a electrical charged dust particle which in reality are small stones. The brushing described above removes these ions from the bracelet giving longer life. The SUPER MAX is the strongest available, contains three hundred thousand power units. Handle with care. Pinches good if allowed while donning.

Additional Details: Magnetic Therapy is generated faster by stronger units. The average man size [8"] close to 300 thousand gause. Gause is the magnetic measurement. The North magnetic Pole puts out 1/2 gause that navagate ships at sea and pain relief but is blocked by steel girded buildings, television, automobiles, trucks, and building electrical wiring, even cell phones. Whereas we all should wear a magnetic bracelet for (see the medical useage chart on this website).