Super Bracelet #351 4mm Light & Dark & Silver Tone – $55

Super Bracelet  #351 4mm Light & Dark &  Silver Tone

Bracelets, Anklets, Necklaces embrace the magnetic triple power ring that circulates through out the body via blood hemoglobin [liquid iron] and eases the pains regardless of location, back, headache, arthritis, muscle and bone aches everywhere. Can be worn 24hrs a day even in shower. Remove it and therapy stops immediately. Each bead is triple power magnetic. Crystals and spacers are not magnetic. Clasps are also super power, permanently magnetized. Gold and silver cannot be magnetized, only iron can be made magnetic. Be sure to state your wrist, ankle or necklace size. See RULER for how to measure. All designs can be made in sets twos and threes: Bracelet, Anklet and/or Necklace. Sara-Ann only makes magnetic jewelry of the finest quality, triple power beads, clasps, nickel and lead free, held together on 40or50 lbs. monofilament, and may be worn in swimming pool. Remember, when you remove the jewelry from the body, therapy stops. Sara-Ann’s creations are designed to be worn 24-7. Always have a spare on hand. Any magnetic substance is very harmful if swallowed.
It takes 1200 grouse{magnetic power rating] to enter the body through the skin, muscle and through bone. Common import article which are low priced usually have on 1500 grouse. Our single TSM bracelets are of 5,000 grouse or more. Super strength models go into the 100,000 range.