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BRACELET TSM (TripleStrengthMagnetic) Beads White Pearl Type Star Spacers#105 – $25

BRACELET TSM (TripleStrengthMagnetic) Beads White Pearl Type Star Spacers#105

Only iron or iron product can be magnatized (Gold and Silver can not). A bracelet can consist of: magnatic clasp (two parts) magnetic beads of various sizes (but all triple strength) and colors, spacers and crystals which are not magnetic but added for enhancing beauty only. Magnetic therapy is widely known. Our magnetic jewelry may be worn day and night, even in the shower or swimming pool; because once it is removed from the body, therapy stops.
The hardest point to get across the a new client is to understand that a bracelet may contain from 10 to 30 magnetic beads plus the clasp. This forms a circular, complete magnetic field around the wrist, ankle or neck. This magnetic force is picked up by your haemoglobin (iron in blood) and is transfered through out your entire body helping reduce pain wherever it may exist.
Therefore a magnetic bracelet can help reduce the pain of headache, backache, neckache, ankle ache, etc. See Therapy Brochure

Additional Details: Bracelets, Anklets, Necklaces embrace the magnetic ring of triple power that circulates through out the body immediately and eases the pains regardless of location, back, headache, Arthritis, muscle and bone aches everywhere. Can be worn 24hrs a day even in shower. Remove it and therapy stops immediately. Each bead is triple power magnetic. Crystals and spacers are not magnetic. Clasps are also triple power. Permanently magnatized. Sizing: Adult Female: 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8. inches. Male: 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 & 9. inches. See RULER for how to measure. All designs be made in sets twos and threes: Bracelet, Anklet and/or Necklace. Saraann only makes magnetic jewelry of the finest quality, triple power beads,clasps, nickel and lead free, held together on 40or50 lb monofiliment, and may be worn in shower or swimming pool. Remember, when you remove the jewelry from the body, therapy stops. Saraann's creations are designed to be worn 24-7. Always have a spare on hand.

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